I left a fabulous sales role in the fire affected East Gippsland region to turn my hobby into my business and planned to visit all the nursing homes in Gippsland. Covid 19 arrived on the scene and access to the Aged Care Centres and Nursing homes were no longer possible so I joined Start Up Gippsland’s Entrepreneur program after completing the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme to get a good understanding of the business requirements of such a venture.


I want to make it easier for Lifestyle and Leisure coordinators as well as nursing staff to have a great variety of music to uplift the moods of the residents any time of the day.
Music should be part of their lives daily to encourage socialisation, engagement and the sheer joy of hearing songs they love which spark a memory or two.

I am looking at half hour shows and one hour shows depending on the need with variety, pazzazz and razzamatazz. These shows are my way to give back to our older folk who have given us so much throughout their lives.

I like many others have experienced the loneliness of isolation through Covid-19 here in Gippsland and hope through Zoom and livestreams, you-tube clips and personal requests we can give our folk something exciting to look forward to in their respective homes.

I am looking at the aged care nursing homes initially and retirement villages, and eventually hope to add my soirees to the home care packages where people can still remain at home and have a little extra socialisation at home.

This virus looks like it may be around on and off for a while so let’s keep singing and making our lives a little merrier together with a variety of songs and styles to start the friendship.

Cabaret on Call is a new project and I hope to involve the health care sector and encourage feedback and constructive ideas to help make your lives easier in such difficult times. I am sure the staff and residents at all establishments will be singing along or waltzing with wheelies as I work towards making music a daily activity far and wide.

I hope to employ lots of musicians over the journey and help them get their livelihoods back on track. We are an artistic group who thrive on collaboration and performing to our best.

The dream is to take Cabaret on Call overseas as lockdowns happen all over the world and we can party in our slippers wherever we are – together!